I Always Thought Vegetarians Were Freaks, But...

Karen + Alex

Three words for these two: Adorable, Awesome, and Beautiful! And me thinks we’re gonna have to throw my Karate Kid idea into the regular rotation of shots. I mean, how fun would it be to see a bride in a wedding dress doing the Crane Kick!! - Seriously…

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Long Beach PUG

Anna & I have kicked off our PUG Tour & are excited to start posting images! Last night I had to fly solo cause my darling is trying out for American Idol! We're so excited for her! There are some really awesome photographers & personalities from the LBC, check out Leo Flores' blog for some images from last night, he did a SWEET LITTLE PHOTO ESSAY: leofloresphotography.com/blog I also want to thank Paul Manke for being our gracious host & hooking us all up with a delicious ice cream bar, mmmmm... ice cream... agghhhhh :)


Red-Tailed Hawk

A few years back I saw a falconer give a little presentation about her red-tailed hawk. Afterwards she was nice enough to hang around so I could get some images of this absolutely gorgeous animal. I think predatory birds are so cool; the way they move & think seems so machine-like.



Check out this image I took of Anna for an assignment while I was in school. It’s a little over the top I know, but isn’t she gorgeous! ☺ She's getting ready for her American Idol audition, & we've narrowed it down to two songs, so it's fun hearing her perfect them. Wish her luck you guys!!


Teresa + Daniel Wedding

Hey all! Here are the images from Teresa & Daniel’s amazing wedding from the Venetian & MTV's "Real World" Suite at the Palms Hotel.

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